Sunday, May 4, 2008

Eight Belles: Tribute To A Great Filly, by Mystic Silks

Eight Belles: Tribute To A Great Filly, by Mystic Silks


Sixsisters said...

I have tears in my eyes because I feel the same way.
Lovely tribute to a champion even though she didn't
win the race.

Beth said...

That was terribly sad for me also. Great feature, I loved reading it.

blazingneedles said...

That is a beautiful tribute.

jstinson said...

Kaire, that was a wonderful tribute to a wonderful horse. I watched the Derby as was so saddened. You said everything I have been thinking so beautifully. Cheif Seattle said, "There is no death, only a change of place." We can hope Eight Bells is enjoying greener pastures.

Debi McSwain said...

The racing industry has become barbaric. There are many deaths at every track each year. The breeders are breeding for speed with no regard whatever to soundness. It breaks my heart and I no longer watch horse racing. Thank you for writing about this subject.
Debi McSwain

ZudaGay said...

She was a very beautiful horse with the heart of a champion. Lovely tribute for her!

brendathour said...

Wow, what a beautiful tribute to Eight Belles. You brought tears to my eyes, but I love how you mentioned wanting to give Eight Belles some heavenly sugar one day.
God Bless. (I understand sometimes liking animals more than people)

Cat (darklingwoods) said...

beautifully said, mystic a heartbreaking story.

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